Team Bonding

relationship building, fun, and adventurous

At Empower Adventures, we offer much more than just zip lining in VA. We transform your office of individuals into a cohesive unit with our team building activities. If you want your team members to lower their guards, get to know each other, and work to each other’s strengths, then you should take a look at our Team Bonding package. Choose between different zipline adventures with the thought of bringing coworkers together.

Nothing brings people together like laughter, adventure, and pure fun. The Empower Adventures Team Bonding package will bring out the smiles. Our unique adventures incentivise coworkers to interact and encourage one another. When people face their fears together, no matter how small the fears, they become closer. After a trip to Empower Adventures in Middleburg, Virginia, your employees will find themselves working among friends in the office. These strengthened bonds improve efficiency and make your business a place employees want to work.

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Team Development

fun and interactive with results

If your team already works well together but you wish to take your office to the next level, consider enrolling in the Empower Adventure Team Development program. If our Team Bonding program makes your group more cohesive, Team Development makes them more efficient, creative, and confident. Think of this as not only zipline adventure but also leadership development through experiential learning.

At Empower Adventure, we know leadership is a learned trait. Some of us might learn it easier than others, but we can all unlock the leader within ourselves. Our Team Development program gives everyone in the office the tools they need to develop their own inner leader. We cultivate creativity and original thought in everyone in the office because this will help problem-solving on a larger scale. Everyone in the office has something unique to bring to the table, and Empower Adventures wants to help each person realize what that is. When your business is full of confident leaders, you reach new heights.

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Empower Adventures Corporate Team Building Adventures

The Empower Adventures Experience:

Where adventure means business!


9/29/2015:: Empower Adventures Featured on FOX 5 News in DC
Team bonding and team development programs at Empower help teams achieve better than ever results!  From zipline adventures to survival courses, from rappelling adventures to obstacle courses, our programs put the participants to the test!  In the end, team members enjoy a positive, confidence-building day, and teams benefit from increased trust and communication. Clients tell us all the time that our programs helped to create higher morale and increased motivation when the team got back to work. Lets us work for you!

Empower blends fun and exciting adventures with leadership development and team building for a truly unique professional development experience.


Let Empower Adventures customize the perfect event for you!  Whether it is a “Zip & Sip” event or a Survivor-style Team Challenge, Empower can offer you an assortment of program options to choose from.  Just pick up the phone and call us – we can help you create the most memorable day at work your team will ever have!  See our featured video below that showcases the Tree Top Zip Tour in action.
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See What Our Customers Have to Say…

Team Building Day

“Our office recently held a team-building outing at Empower Adventures. This was one of our best events to date! What a great way for professionals (of any age) to connect outside of the office, build relationships, and have some challenging fun. From the event-planning perspective, Joe and his team were fantastic to work with – coordinating the tour times, tailoring the outing to our company’s focus, to arranging the food and beverage, and providing seamless execution. We received very positive feedback from our participants, one of whom told me that she’s gotten more out of this event than any other recent event.” -Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce