Empower Adventures Mission and Vision

Empower Adventures woman getting ready for zip line

Our mission at Empower Adventures is to provide upscale adventure experiences with exceptional customer service.  We strive to provide powerful, memorable, and inspirational guest experiences that awaken a spirit of adventure and bond guests through a positive and uplifting tree top and zipline adventure.

Our vision at Empower Adventures is to improve lives through experiences that awaken a spirit of adventure, positivity, and teamwork.


We believe that adventure is a hugely important part of life. After all, isn’t life just one long adventure? We have a big, wide world at our disposal, so why not use it? A healthy spirit of adventure makes life all the more interesting and can expand your mind while also improving your overall health. Seeing the world and seeking adventure is part of the human experience. Here at Empower Adventures we want to imbue people with a spirit of adventure. If you already have an appetite for adventure, we want to feed that hunger. If you don’t think you’re the adventurous type, we want the chance to see if we can awaken that latent quality in you. After all, adventure is in our name!


A positive outlook can make all the difference in life. Having a positive attitude can make you more open to people and experiences. Life is a wonderful thing and living your life with positivity is the best way to overcome your obstacles. Empower Adventures is named quite aptly because we also have the spirit of positivity integrated into our name. We want to empower you to live your life with as much positivity as possible.


Here at Empower Adventures we offer one of the best team building programs around. We know how integral teamwork is to success since our business wouldn’t exist without it! Successful businesses thrive off of teamwork and wilt without it. In addition to this, having great teamwork skills can carry over to all aspects of your life, not just business. Teamwork is why the human race is as advanced as it is. No other species has the depth of teamwork abilities that we possess, so why not utilize those gifts?

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Empower Adventures looks forward to sharing our enthusiasm and vision with all of our customers. If you want to plan your next zipline adventure or team building activity, give us a call today or view our website for more information. We look forward to seeing you!