Empower Adventures’ Special Events

Every day is special here at Empower Adventures! Below, you will find our upcoming special events. Empower Adventures offers Moonlight Zip Trips through the moonlit night and Halloween Tours with guides in costumes. Make sure to join us for the Christmas holidays as well! We even have a special Easter event that you won’t want to miss! Don’t forget to grab a gift card for an unforgettable gift. We have fun events throughout the year and you’re sure to love every one of them. We have every event covered for you, your family, friends, and co-workers. We can’t wait for you to join us!

Tree Top
Egg Drop

You’ll have a blast this Easter Season at our Tree Top Egg Drop! Enjoy a thrilling treetop zipline adventure while trying to hit targets with eggs! This one of a kind experience is only available one weekend out of the year, so make sure to reserve your spot as soon as possible!

Moonlight Zip Trips

Throughout the season under the moon and stars, Empower will be running Zip Line Canopy Tours through the treetops in the dark! The beauty of the wilderness at night is a completely different experience than our day tours, so make sure to experience Empower Adventures at night!

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of adventure. Zip Line Tours make great gifts!

Christmas Zip Tours

Empower Adventures Middleburg’s signature event is sure to become your annual tradition. You will love the parades, the zip lining and fun of Christmas in the village! Come get into the holiday spirit with an exhilarating zip tour! Make sure to check out the amazing Christmas parade while you’re there!

Come Experience the Seasons With Empower Adventures!

Our special events are happening year round, so don’t miss out! Empower Adventures specializes in making the seasons special. We take great care to make our special events something you won’t forget. Contact us today to reserve your spot for one of our events, or view our website for more information. Empower Adventures also offers zip adventures year round as well as team building activities. Contact us or view our website to learn more about our awesome adventures and corporate team building programs.