The Zipline Adventure

If you’ve never been zip lining before, it’s natural to be curious or even a bit nervous about what to expect during our zipline adventure tours. At Empower Adventures, our goal is to make sure you’re informed and have fun each step of the way during your ziplining experience. This will ensure your comfort and peace of mind, and allow you to enjoy a carefree fun trip to our adventure park.

What is Zip Lining?

A zipline is a system of suspended cables mounted on a hill or slope. The cables are made of stainless steel and each one connects a higher landscape point to a lower point. Zipline adventure riders use a pulley system to ride across the stainless steel cables, and with the help of gravity, they can travel up to 100 mph!

Some people may be hesitant to give it a try, especially those who are afraid of heights, but it’s important to remember that our zipline adventure tours are very safe. You will be secured to the cables at all times, and our expert guides are certified and professionally-trained to ensure your safety throughout the tour.

What to Expect at Empower Adventures

Our zipline tours require advance registration. You can do so by booking online or calling our facilities. You should expect to spend at least two hours at our adventure park if you have reservations for a canopy tour adventure. This time may vary based on the zipline adventure tour program you choose.

When you arrive at our zipline adventure park in Virginia on the day of your tour, you’ll be greeted by our friendly, helpful staff. After you check in for your tour and sign a pre-tour waiver, your guide will get you started with orientation and training. This will ensure that you know exactly what to do while on your zip tour. Feel free to ask as many questions as needed too!

Our zipline adventure tours take place on a course that spans more than 20 acres and is made up of five different ziplines, ranging from 275 to 670-feet in length. Zipline riders will also have the opportunity to experience two incredible sky bridges along the route!

How to Prepare

It’s very important to be on time for your zipline adventure tour, so please plan on arriving 30 minutes early. This will give you adequate time to fill out your pre-tour waiver, check in and use the restroom if needed.

What to Wear: We strongly encourage all guests to wear comfortable clothing – t-shirts, tanks and athletic shorts or pants are great. Please do not wear skirts or dresses. Leave the flip-flops at home and wear closed-toed shoes. If you have long hair, it’s best to tie it back so it’s out of the way. Please avoid wearing any accessories such as necklaces, earrings, scarves, etc.

What to Bring: For your own comfort, we recommend bringing sunscreen, sunglasses, bug spray and bottled water. You should also make sure you have some cash on hand to tip your guides. They work very hard to provide you with an enjoyable and safe experience while on your zipline adventure tour, so please thank them with a tip. ($5-$10 per guide is standard in this industry).

What to Leave at Home: Leave your keys, wallet, cell phone and any other valuables locked in your car. We also provide all our guests with a secure area on-site to store valuables while zipping if you don’t feel comfortable leaving your items in your car.

Experience the Zipline Adventure at Empower Adventures

Ready to have your own zipline adventure? Book your zipline tour online today or call the Empower Adventures adventure park. We look forward to zipping with you soon!