Zipline Adventure Videos

Some people are skeptical of zip lining in VA. Maybe they are scared of heights or worried that our zipline adventures will be more frightening than fun. At Empower Adventures, we cultivate an atmosphere of fun and positivity. We take the time to ensure our zipline adventures are safe, secure, and enjoyable for everyone. We believe nothing is more empowering than conquering our fears, and we work to give you the most supportive atmosphere for overcoming any worries you might have concerning our zip lining. But if you need more convincing of the safety of our tree top adventures, continue reading after these videos.


Zipline Adventure as a Way of Life

An ABC News report from 2015 documented ziplining in a rural Chinese town overlooking the Nu River. People in this region of the world have used ziplines to cross the dangerous river for generations. A 90-year-old woman told the reporter that these ziplines have always been a part of her life, though, in her childhood, they were made of bamboo instead of metal. Young and old, the population of the village still choose to glide down the mountainside to cross the river.

Putting the Adventure in Zipline Adventure

Ziplines have been around in Asian and European mountainous regions for ages, but the extreme sport of zipline adventures is relatively new. Do you know who first thought of using ziplines to soar through the trees? If you imagined a young, heavily bearded, and thrill seeking type, you’d be halfway right. In the 1980s, bearded biologist Dr. Donald Perry developed a web of ziplines in the Costa Rican rainforest so that he could better study canopy wildlife.


Dr. Perry made the cover of the Smithsonian magazine and published a book in the mid-1980s. Less than a decade later, an entrepreneur had taken his idea and turned it into a guided tour. Though he didn’t develop it for commercial profit, a scientist developed the model for our zipline adventures as a safer way to explore the Costa Rican rainforest.

Don’t Be Scared

Our zipline adventures are safe, exhilarating, and good fun for your family or group of friends. If you’ve always thought a tree top adventure might be too scary or intimidating, we encourage you to face those fears with the support of your friends, your family, and our helpful staff. To get a feel for our zipline adventures, try watching a few of our videos below. When you’re ready to swing from the trees and empower yourself, contact Empower Adventures!